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49. Luis Guttiérez (1771-1809), Cornelia Bororquia, or the Inquisition’s Victim, 180180

Luis Gutiérrez was a defrocked Trinitarian, a writer, a journalist, and an all-round adventurer. He ceaselessly protested against the injustice and cruelty of the Inquisition. A supporter of the cause of Joseph Bonaparte, he plotted on his behalf and was caught, then executed.

Oh religion, religion! The benefits you have brought mankind are countless! Yet so are the evils! In your bosom the unhappy mortal finds shelter from vice, consolation in adversity, and support in times of affliction. Yet your veil can also be used to cover up wickedness, while rivers of blood flow in your name and the most appalling crimes are committed. Under your mandate, tyrants legitimise their arbitrary power, and with your weapons wars are declared, discord stirred up, and acts of revenge given free reign. You are the holy pretext that is used to justify the most horrific and shameful passions.

80 Luis Gutiérrez, Cornelia Bororquia, o la víctima de la Inquisición, París: 1801, p. 139.