The Bibliography lists the manuscripts, books, printed articles, online resources and other works referred to in the main text in alphabetical order of authors/compilers, irrespective of the scholarly value or originality of the writing. Since the expectation-setting and authority-claiming paratextual role of the title page of a printed book, that situates the claimed relationship of the text to its implied, hoped for, and in many cases, actual contemporary historic readers, text not now normally available on digital catalogues is always useful and often needed to understand the discursive terms, including the claims to having an authority that makes their words worthy of respect that are made by the authors and compilers, within which a reading transaction was conducted, I have, in cases where I consider the information is most needed and useful, included the information.1 In a few cases I have also added occasional notes, for example about print runs, an indicator of potential readership. Since conventions for place names, transcriptions, transliterations, and citations of ancient authors are frequently changed, and seem set to continue to be frequently changed, I have not imposed consistency, but have tried throughout to meet the needs of present day potential readers and users. In citing ancient authors in the latter chapters, I have generally followed the convention of the open access Perseus hopper, that at the time of writing, is not only the best, but also for many potential readers, the only freely available rsource where most of the ancient writers in Greek and Latin can be accessed along with a translation into English, albeit often in editions prepared long ago.

Manuscripts and pictures

General collections

British National Archives, Kew. Described in Chapters 1 and 6

British Library, noted separately under main author

British Museum, Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities. Manuscripts and pictures not all fully catalogued

Royal Institute of British Architects. Many manuscripts and pictures, catalogue available online

Individual collections

Anon. An early eighteenth century Italian manuscript account of Athens and elsewhere, following the Ottoman reconquest of the Morea in 1715. British Library, Add MS 8624

Babington Smith papers, Wren Library, Trinity College, Cambridge

[Bacon], Journals and Travels of Major d’Arcy Bacon, in Greece in 1826, Bodleian Library, Oxford

Burgon, Thomas. A notebook describing his travels and excavations for antiquities in Athens in 1813. King’s College, London, Archives

[Byron and Gropius], Correspondence of Gropius with Lord Aberdeen about Gropius’s complaint that Byron had been unfair in saying he was a dealer in antiquities in Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage, A Romaunt, British Library Add MS 43230

Caraman, Comte A. de, Journals in Greece, Turkey, and elsewhere in 1828–38, 3 vols, BL Add MS 34197–34199

Church, Sir Richard, A large archive of papers relating to his activities in Greece, British Library

Conrath, Joseph, notebook. BL Add Mss 58207

Cullum, John, ‘An Attempt to illustrate the British Museum.’ A collection of drawings, of newspaper cuttings, and of engravings and letterpress extracted from various works], British Library

[Damage to monuments during the German and other Axis powers military occupation of Greece, 1941–1945], Correspondence between Colonel Sir Leonard Woolley [Archaeological Advisor to the War Office], and Miss E. Clay of the British Committee on the Preservation of Works of Art. The Committee under the chairmanship of the judge Macmillan, that had investigated the damage done to the sculptures from the Parthenon in the British Museum], dated July 1945, concerning a report [updating an earlier annotated draft report from January 1945, also included], on the condition of prehistoric, classical and Byzantine antiquities and sites in Greece and the Greek islands. Kew T 209/15

[Elgin, 7th Earl of], A large collection of official and personal papers in the possession of the family, Broomhall, Fife. Many of those relating to the Elgin Marbles have been transcribed and printed

[Elgin, Lady Elgin], Letters and others papers of Mary, Lady Elgin, previously in the possession of Mr Julian Brooke, now in the Library of the Department of Greece and Rome, British Museum.They add to the collection published as The Letters of Mary Nisbet of Dirleton, Countess of Elgin Arranged by Lieut.-Colonel Nisbet Hamilton Grant (London: Murray, 1926), confirming with exceptions their general reliability according to the editing conventions of that time. Others have been made available in other publications and blogs, notably by Nagel, Susan, The Mistress of the Elgin Marbles: A Biography of Mary Nisbet, Countess of Elgin (Chichester: Wiley, 2004)

Garston, Edgar, Manuscript account of a campaign in 1826 with other papers relating to his visits to Greece as a philhellene and later. Copies of kindly provided by Ian Watson

[Gordon], Aberdeen University Library. An extensive archive of Thomas Gordon. See Kasdagli, Aglaia E., ‘Descriptive List of the letters and papers of Thomas Gordon 1800–1841 and supplementary papers and other material, 1841–1984. MS 1160/19–26’, Aberdeen University Library (Aberdeen, 1995). Described also in ‘Exploring the papers of the Scottish philhellene Thomas Gordon (1788–1841)’, in Kampos, Cambridge Papers in Modern Greek, 3 (1995), 45

Guildford. Papers of Lord Guildford, including letters to him from Greece, 1824–26, British Library Add 88900/1/36

[Guillet], ‘Description de la ville de Constantinople et de ses Antiquitées par Guillet de la guilletierre.’ Autograph manuscript 242 pages, unprinted. Apparently the fair copy text of a work that Guillet had intended to publish following the apparent success of his works on Athens and Lacedaimon, whose claims were exposed in the controversy with Spon. Private collection

Hamilton, William Richard, a letter to Edward Daniel Clarke, dated only ‘1808.’ BL, Add. MS. 56486

Haygarth, William, Sketch-books, containing numerous pencil, pen, and water-colour sketches, of views and costumes, made in Greece 1810–1811. Gennadius Library, Athens

[Hobhouse diary], Hobhouse’s manuscript diary of his visit to Greece with Lord Byron in 1809/10. British Library. I rely on the draft of the transcribed ‘Athenian Calendar’ prepared by the late William C. Eliot that he kindly sent me on 17 July 2006

Hore, James, watercolours and sketches made in Athens in 1835. Private collection by permission

Hunt papers, a collection of papers and transcripts, including the Italian version of the firman given to Lord Elgin, previously in the possession of the Rev. Philip Hunt, Lord Elgin’s chaplain, and later of his family and of the present author, with other primary materials added later. British Museum Department of Greece and Rome where they are available to the public

Hurst Robinson, publishers of books and engravings, papers relating to its sudden financial collapse in 1826. Kew, B3/2417

King, Dorothy Louise Victoria, The Sculptural Decoration of the Doric Order ca. 375–31 BC. Unpublished PhD. dissertation, King’s College, London, 2000. Copy kindly supplied by the author

Lagogianni-Georgakarakos, M. & Koutsogiannis Th. (eds) ‘These are what we fought for’ — Antiquities and the Greek War of Independence (Athens: Archaeological Resources Fund, 2020). An online exhibition.

Macmillan, Lord. ‘Papers relating to damage to the sculptures of the Parthenon 1938–1936. British Library Additional mss 54575 volume 1. Substantial extracts were published by St Clair, William, ‘The Elgin Marbles: Questions of Stewardship and Accountability’, in International Journal of Cultural Property 8 (2) 1999, 391–521,

Master, Rev. Robert Mosley, Journal of a tour in Egypt, Palestine and Greece in 1818/19. British Library Add MS 51313. Although edited later, this account contains valuable information about Athens on the eve of the Greek Revolution

Napier, Charles James, notebook, relating to a visit to Greece, February and March 1821, British Library Add MS 49139

Observations on the Parthenon Sculpture in the British Museum. The authors of this Report of a scientific team are listed as A. Mandis, E. Papakonstantinou, K. Kouzeli, and E. Korka, under the supervision of Professor Th. Skoulikides. The Report of the Scientific Team appointed by the Greek Ministry of Culture that, between 28 October 1999 and 3 November, with modern instruments, and drawing on the plentiful documentary and photographic records, that had mostly not been available until shortly before, described the damage done to the surfaces of the Parthenon Marbles in the British Museum during the Duveen years. Circulated in typescript but not printed. Available on request

Nicolopoulos, J.A., Inventaire du fonds grec au Quai d’Orsay correspondance politique 1707–1833 mémoires et documents 1821–1862, collection de l’institut français d’Athènes (Paris: Centre de Recherches néo-helléniques de la Fondation Nationale de la Recherche scientifique 18, 1975). Lists with dates and some extracts

Das Pionier Battaillon 70 in Griechenland, Zeit vom 11.2.1941 bis 20.6.1941, Gezeichnet von Obgefr, Musil und Gefr. Ihlemann. Album with maps, family photographs and amateur snapshots of the march of the unit from Germany to Greece. Private collection

Pittakis, Kyriakos, Letter in French to C.H. Bracebridge, dated from Athens 30 June 1837, on the recent discoveries of polychromy. Library of Royal Institute of British Architects

Reveley, Willey, A volume of manuscript notes, mainly architectural, apparently transcribed from observations made in Athens and elsewhere in 1785. Library of the Royal Institute of British Architects, ReW

Smith, Arthur Hamilton, Archaeological and other papers, including some relating to the manipulation of the press at the time reports of the Duveen damage began to circulate. Wren Library, Trinity College, Cambridge

Wilson, Robert, ‘Travel Journal of Robert Wilson: Greece and Sicily, 1818/19 and 1825/26.’ Aberdeen University Library

Vernon, Francis, notebook of his visit to Athens in company with Jacob Spon and George Wheler, 1674, Library of the Royal Society, London. Substantial extracts were transcribed by Norre, noted below

Wolfe, John Lewis, Sketchbooks and journals especially SKB/376/3 and SKB /376/5, that record his visits to Athens in 1820 and 1821, RIBA

Manuscript journals and other papers of Robert Wood. Institute of Classical Studies Library, London. Summarised with brief extracts by Butterworth, J.A. ‘Library Supplement: The Wood Collection’. The Journal of Hellenic Studies, 106 (1986), 197–200

Printed and Online Archival Sources

The Greek Revolution of 1821: Digital Archive. Greek archives relating to the Revolution of 1821. A database of documents, including those of the Greek government and provisional governments before independence, with much else and more planned, in progress,

Laborde, Comte de, Athènes aux XVe, XVIe et XVIIe siècles, d’après des documents inédits, etc par le Comte de Laborde, membre de l’Institut Langues français (Paris: J. Renouard, 1854). The fuller, two volume, edition includes printed and engraved materials that were then scarcely known, noted separately below.

Omont, Henri, ed., Athènes au XVIIe siècle. Dessins des sculptures du Parthénon attribués à J. Carrey et conservés à la Bibliothèque nationale, accompagnés de vues et plans d’Athènes et de l’Acropole (Paris: Leroux, 1898)

Lagogianni-Georgakarakos, M. and Koutsogiannis Th. (eds) ‘These are what we fought for’ — Antiquities and the Greek War of Independence (Athens: Archaeological Resources Fund, 2020). An online exhibition,

Lesk, Alexandra L., A Diachronic Examination of the Erechtheion and its Reception (Unpublished PhD Thesis, University of Cincinnati, 2004), phd vol i text.pdf 

[Omont Missions], Missions archéologiques françaises en Orient aux XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles. Documents publiés par Henri. Omont membre de l’Insitut et du Comité des Travaux historiques et scientifiques (Paris: Collection de documents inédits, 1902)

Prousis, Theophilus C., British Embassy Reports on the Greek Uprising in 1821–1822: War of Independence or War of Religion? (2011). History Faculty Publications. 21. [Substantial extracts from the reports of Lord Strangford to Foreign Secretary at Kew, with commentary],

Prousis, Theophilus C., Lord Strangford at the Sublime Porte (1821): The Eastern Crisis, volume I (Istanbul: Isis Press, 2010)

Prousis, Theophilus C., Lord Strangford at the Sublime Porte (1822): The Eastern Crisis, volume II (Istanbul: Isis Press, 2012)

Prousis, Theophilus C., Lord Strangford at the Sublime Porte (1823): The Eastern Crisis, volume III (Istanbul: Isis Press, 2014)

Prousis, Theophilus C., Lord Strangford at the Sublime Porte (1824): The Eastern Crisis, volume IV (Istanbul: Isis Press, 2017)

[Meyer], Epirus, Ali Pasha and the Greek Revolution, Consular Reports of William Meyer from Preveza, edited by E. Prevelakes; K. Kalliatake Mertikopoulou (Athens: Academy of Athens, 1996). Two volumes covering 1821 and 1822.

Tsarouchas, Costas [publisher], ‘Akropolis von Athen.’ Facsimiles, with translations, and comments on, a selection of twenty documents from the official papers in a file of the Bavarian Regency Government, 1834 to 1842 (Athens: Alethea, 2012)

Kriegsweihnacht 1941 4./G.K. N.A.449. Funkkcompanie Einsatz Griechenland u. Serbien. An album of inserted photographs taken by three unnamed German soldiers during the invasion and occupation of 1941. The album was apparently specially customized for the unit. Private collection

[Williams], Rock, Joseph, The Life and Work of Hugh William Williams, PhD dissertation, University of Edinburgh, 1996

Young, C.B., a junior British naval officer and courier, letters 1833, with descriptions of Athens and other places visited. British Museum, Library of Department of Greece and Rome

Printed and Online Books and Articles

Listed are the sources and authorities referred to in the main text in alphabetical order of authors.

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[Anacharsis, Atlas volume], Many versions of the volume that accompanied the main text and, being of different format, was often separated from it, published first as Recueil de Cartes Géographiques, Plans, Vues et Medailles de L’Ancienne Grèce, Relatifs au Voyage du Jeune Anacharsis, precédé d’une Analyse Critique des Cartes [by J.D. Barbié de Bocage, who, like Barthélemy, never visited Greece]

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1 Notably in Chapters 22 and 23.

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