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Archival material

British Library

Catholic News 1889 Microform. MFM.M30054 [1889]

Cross Fleury’s Journal P.P.6080.ka

Empire Journal PP.6080.K

The Journalist and Newspaper Proprietor LOU.LON 247

Newspaper Press Directory (Mitchell) P.P.2495.gab

The London, Provincial and Colonial Press News NEWS11930 NPL 

Preston Evening News NEWS16131 NPL 

The Printers’ Register LOU.LON 5

Cumbria Archive and Local Studies Centre, Barrow

Barrow Working Men’s Club Reading Committee minute book 1881–91, BDSO 85

Barrow Library annual reports BA/L

Harris Library, Community History Library, Preston

Preston Evening Express, Local LA11


Preston Magazine & Christian Miscellany LJ2 PRESTON/PRE

The Wasp LA12/WAS

Annual report of the committee of the free public library and museum of the borough of Preston, LT T251 PRE

Anthony Hewitson, miscellaneous items Local LG3 HEWITSON, Anthony/ANT

Lancashire Archives

Anon, The Lancaster Guardian. History of the Paper, And Reminiscences by Old Hands”, Published in Connection with Its Diamond Jubilee (Lancaster: E & J Milner, 1897), Local LA11 LANCASTER GUARDIAN

Diaries of Anthony Hewitson DP512

Longworth’s Preston Advertiser LA12/LON

Lonsdale Magazine, 1820, LA12/NOR

Minutes of Preston Exchange & News Room committee, CBP 53/4

Oakey’s Commercial and Trade Directory of Preston (Preston: Henry Oakey, 1853)

Winckley Club minute book, DDX 1895/1

Lancashire Post, Preston

Lancashire Evening Post/Daily Post multiple editions, microfilm

Lancaster University Library

‘Social and family life in Preston, 1890–1940’, transcripts of recorded interviews, Elizabeth Roberts archive, Special Collections 8MW (R)

Liverpool Archives

George Melly Collection, 920 MEL 13

Northern Photographic Exhibition, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool 1907, programme 708.6 PHO (print), (online)

University of Manchester Library

Manchester Guardian Archives

Talbot Library, Liverpool Hope University

Lancashire Catholic


The National Archives

Poor Law Commission, Correspondence between William Golden Lumley and Charles Mott, MH 12/6040-43

University of Central Lancashire, special collections

Marian Roberts Collection

Illustrated London News

Institution for the Diffusion of Knowledge, annual reports, Livesey Collection

Databases and websites

Web addresses are only given if individual subscriptions are available; others are available only through institutions such as universities or research libraries.

19th Century British Library Newspapers (includes Preston Chronicle)

British Newspaper Archive, (includes Preston Herald)

British Periodicals (ProQuest)

Dickens Journals Online,

Dictionary of Nineteenth Century Journalism, online edition, C19: The Nineteenth Century Index (ProQuest)

The Economist Historical Archive 1843–2013

Historic Hansard,

Parliamentary Papers 1800–2000 (ProQuest)

Fourth annual report of the registrar-general, 1840–41 [year ending June 30, 1841] (1842)

Twenty-third annual report of the registrar-general, 1860 (1862)

1872 [C.667] Registrar General of Births, Deaths and Marriages in England Thirty-third Annual Report (Summary of Marriages, Births and Deaths registered, 1861–70)

1882 [C.3208] Registrar General of Births, Deaths and Marriages in England Forty-third Annual Report

1854–55 (83) Return of Number of Stamps issued at One Penny to Newspapers in United Kingdom, 1854 [House of Commons Parliamentary Papers Online].

Census reports:

1851 (1852–53) C.1691 (parts 1 & 2)

1861 (1863) C.3221

1871 (1873) C.872

1881 (1883) C.3722

1891 (1893–94) C.7058

1901 (1904) Cd. 2174

1851 (558) XVII. 1House of Commons, ‘Report from the Select Committee on Newspaper Stamps; Together with the Proceedings of the Committee, Minutes of Evidence, Appendix, and Index’

1887 (C. 5158), Royal Commission Appointed to Inquire into the Working of the Elementary Education Acts in England and Wales, Third Report, Evidence

Reading Experience Database

Times Historical Archive

Waterloo Directory of English Newspapers and Periodicals, 1800–1900 (North Waterloo Academic Press)

Print and individual online sources

A Conservative Journalist, ‘The Establishment of Newspapers’, National Review, 5 (1885), 818–28.

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