1. Introduction: Problematizing our Relations with Media Technologies1

Situating the Research2

Media Literacy6

The Non-neutrality of Technological Relations10

Which Human Subject?13

Situating Media Literacy with Intrasubjective Mediation14

Research Significance and Design 15

The Layout of the Chapters20

Concluding Thoughts22

Part I: Situating the Interdisciplinary Concepts

2. Situating Media Literacy27

Communication Beyond the Transmission Model28

Media Literacy Overview31

Expanding Media Literacy 42

Concluding Thoughts49

3. Understanding the Medium Through the Technological Relation53

In Medias Res54

Postphenomenology and the Technological Relation57

Media Ecology67

Concluding Thoughts84

4. The Posthuman: Situating the Subject in Human-Tech Relations87

Humanists and Transhumanists Debating Enhancement88

The Posthuman Subject100

Complexity: The Key to Understanding Human Becomings108

Part II: Developing a Posthuman Approach: A Framework and Instrument

5. Developing the Intrasubjective Mediating Framework123

Situating the Intrasubjective Mediating Framework124

Intrasubjective Mediation127

The Intrasubjective Mediating Framework 129

Intrasubjective Mediation: A Dance of Complexity154

Concluding Thoughts158

6. Developing an Instrument to Leverage the Framework165

Creating the Instrument166

Identifying the Multiplicity of Relations167

Generalizing the Framework and Instrument for Media Literacy186

Concluding Thoughts197

7. Conclusion201

Summary of Main Findings 201

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Study 204


Final Thoughts210


List of Tables and Illustrations239


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