List of Artwork ix

About the editors 1

About the authors and artists 3

List of peer-reviewers 23

Acknowledgements 25

Foreword 27

Jonathan Jansen

Preface 31

Carolina Guzmán-Valenzuela

Section I Finding Fortitude and Hope 35

Higher education for good 37

Catherine Cronin and Laura Czerniewicz

1. Writing from the wreckage: Austerity and the public university 53

Robin DeRosa

2. Counters to despair 81

Sherri Spelic

Section II Making Sense of the Unknown and Emergent 89

3. On public goods, cursing, and finding hope in the (neoliberal) twilight zone 91

Su-Ming Khoo

4. Imagining higher education as infrastructures of care 111

Leslie Chan, Mona Ghali, and Paul Prinsloo

5. Why decolonising “knowledge” matters: Deliberations for educators on that made fragile 137

Dina Zoe Belluigi

6. Closing the factory: Reimagining higher education as commons 161

Jim Luke

7. Fostering the gift: On property regimes and teaching pedagogies in higher education 183

Andreas Wittel

8. A meditation on global further education, in haiku form 199

Jess Auerbach Jahajeeah

9. Artificial intelligence for good? Challenges and possibilities of AI in higher education from a data justice perspective 239

Ekaterina Pechenkina

10. HE4Good assemblages: FemEdTech Quilt of Care and Justice in Open Education 267

Frances Bell, Lorna Campbell, Giulia Forsythe, Lou Mycroft, and Anne-Marie Scott

Section III Considering Alternative Futures 291

11. Calm in the storm 293

Paola Corti and Chrissi Nerantzi

12. Visioning futures of higher education for the common good 303

Mpine Makoe

13. Speculative futures for higher education: weaving perspectives for good 317

Elizabeth Childs, George Veletsianos, Amber Donahue, Tamara Leary, Kyla McLeod, and Anne-Marie Scott

14. “Vibrant, open and accessible”: Students’ visions of higher education futures 335

Sharon Flynn, Julie Byrne, Maeve Devoy, Jonathon Johnston, Rob Lowney, Eimer Magee, Kate Molloy, David Moloney, Morag Munro, Fernandos Ongolly, Jasmine Ryan, Suzanne Stone, Michaela Waters, and Kyle Wright

15. Vulnerability and generosity: The good future for Australian higher education 353

Kate Bowles

Section IV Making Change through Teaching, Assessment and Learning Design 371

16. A design justice approach to Universal Design for Learning: Perspectives from the Global South 373

Aleya Ramparsad Banwari, Philip Dambisya, Benedict Khumalo, and Kristin van Tonder

17. Humanising learning design with digital pragmatism 397

Kate Molloy and Clare Thomson

18. Advancing ‘openness’ as a strategy against platformisation in education 421

Tel Amiel and Janaina do Rozário Diniz

19. Imagination and justice: Teaching the future(s) of higher education through Africanfuturist speculative fiction 445

Felicitas Macgilchrist and Eamon Costello

20. One-one coco full basket — on the value of critical pedagogy of caring for learning and teaching in higher education 473

Carol Hordatt Gentles

21. Critical data literacies for good 491

Caroline Kuhn, Judith Pete, and Juliana E. Raffaghelli

22. Collaboratively reimagining teaching and learning 509

Flora Fabian, Jonathan Harle, Perpetua Kalimasi, Rehema Kilonzo, Gloria Lamaro, Albert Luswata, David Monk, Edwin Ngowi, Femi Nzegwu, and Damary Sikalieh

23. The only way is ethics:A dialogue of assessment and social good 533

Tim Fawns and Juuso Nieminen, but not necessarily in that order

Section V (Re)making HE Systems and Structures 555

24. Cultivating sustainable blended and open learning ecosystems 557

Patricia Arinto, Primo Garcia, and Ana Katrina Marcial

25. Making higher education institutions as open knowledge institutions 575

Pradeep Kumar Misra and Sanjaya Mishra

26. “It’s about transforming lives!”: Supporting students in post pandemic higher education 591

Vicki Trowler

27. Who cares about procurement? 603

Anne-Marie Scott and Brenna Clarke Gray

Afterword: Higher education for good 623

Raewyn Connell

The last word: “Making noises through our work” 627

Jyoti Arora

Index 635

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