The Digital Public Domain
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Charles R. Nesson


Melanie Dulong de Rosnay and Juan Carlos De Martin

The Public Domain Manifesto

I.Introducing the Digital Public Domain

1. Communia and the European Public Domain Project: A Politics of the Public Domain

Giancarlo Frosio

II.Legal Framework

2. Consume and Share: Making Copyright Fit for the Digital Agenda

Marco Ricolfi

3. Evaluating Directive 2001/29/EC in the Light of the Digital Public Domain

Lucie Guibault

4. Building Digital Commons through Open Access Management of Copyright-related Rights

Giuseppe Mazziotti

III. Developments and Case Studies

5. Contractually-constructed Research Commons: A Critical Economic Appraisal

Enrico Bertacchini

6. Social Motivations and Incentives in Ex Situ Conservation of Microbial Genetic Resources

Tom Dedeurwaerdere, Per M. Stromberg and Unai Pascual

7. Open Knowledge: Promises and Challenges

Rufus Pollock and Jo Walsh

8. Science Commons: Building the Research Web

Kaitlin Thaney

9. The DRIVER Project: The Socio-economic Benefits of a European Scientific Commons

Karen Van Godtsenhoven

10. CC REL: The Creative Commons Rights Expression Language

Hal Abelson, Ben Adida, Mike Linksvayer and Nathan Yergler

11. The Value of Registering Creative Works

Roland Alton-Scheidl, Joe Benso and Martin Springer

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B. Reports, Conference Papers and Working Papers

C. Books, Papers and Newspaper Articles